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Hotel Schwarzer AdlerSnowboarding the Arlberg

Snowboarding the Arlberg

by Jord Ras – Snowboarder & Traveller – @jordras


My Name is Jord, I am a snowboarder from the Netherlands.

During my professional snowboarding career, I have seen pretty much all the big area’s in Austria and I stayed in a lot of accommodations. The type of accommodation was always divers due to the fact we were mostly low budget traveling, a standard accommodation without fancy food/spa and further luxury. Funny fact is that I currently work myself in a 5-star hotel based in Holland, so I am a bit spoiled with the fact knowing how a hotel should work and accommodate its guests.

With all these experiences, my expectations were high when I got invited by Hotel Schwarzer Adler to experience the hotel and the St. Anton area. Like I said, I have never been on alpine sport holiday without having to worry about groceries or something else so this was going to be quite a trip.

Since I am used to travel with a photographer so I invited my photo buddy Luc Buthker to join me this trip. Together we make a good team, so we could completely review our stay without missing something. For Luc it was also the first time ever to have an alpine sport experience like this so the stakes were really high.

Up on Arrival to the Schwarzer Adler everything worked out well, the hotel is easy to find although St. Anton can be a bit of a maze if you arrive for the first time. The hotel is directly in the City Center and really close to the two main gondola’s from the ski resort. Big plus since nothing is so annoying to spending the first hours of the day stuck in traffic. It also means you can park the car at the parking lot for your entire stay without using it. If you arrive by train or even by airplane on Innsbruck they can pick you up with their own shuttle express. So, they make sure you will not arrive being stressed out already.



WOW, first thought when we came in the room. The room is nice and spacious, with a view to the mountains and ski slopes. The bed is well made, and the bathroom looked really good with all the things you can expect from a 4-star hotel. But still it is always nice to check in a place where there is thought about the details. Because we had quit a long trip and wanted to be fresh the next day, we went for a quick bite in the restaurant and went to bed early.

Waking-up with a mountain view is something I will never get used to, especially not when the weather is clear-blue and sunny with a nice temperature. The snowboarding adrenaline is starting, but first we went to have some breakfast to charge the battery. The breakfast is well let’s say complete, they have everything and everything tasted good. It was even a bit too much to choose from, but it was a fantastic start of the day. After the breakfast, we put on our gear, got the lift tickets which were printed by the hotel desk (so no lines, we like that a lot!) and went up the mountain to discover the area.


St. Anton is one of the best organized and biggest areas of Austria, the cool thing is that you can ski/snowboard all the way to the other villages without strapping out your gear. This means you can make some real miles on the winter equipment. Because we were really lucky with the weather we forgot about time a little bit, and then we realized we had to go all the way back. So, when we came back at the Adler around noon all we could think about was refreshing our bodies.

The hotel offers some afternoon snacks to get some quick energy between spa time and diner. After pleasing ourselves with some good sweet snacks (and a beer) we went for the Spa. We have heard and saw a lot of good things about the spa, and none of them were untrue. The spa is ridicules good, all the sauna’s and baths were nice and looked off the hook. There is a rooftop pool with a view on the slopes, something that is very funny because when you are swimming you see the people on ski’s coming by looking very jealous.

In all those years, I have never really known that I was missing out so much on something, but after my stay in the Schwarzer Adler I am just spoiled for live. I will never ever book a stay without a spa anymore.



After a few hours in the spa the snacks worked out and we went for diner. The hotel has 2 restaurants, one you can eat the ‘standard’ menu, which is a full pull 6 course menus with a choose between meat, fish or vegetarian. There is a salad bar, and a wide variety of cheeses. The diner is served in a nice setting and the staff is well trained. Next to the ‘standard’ restaurant is also an À La Carte restaurant, here the food gets even more special and is really on point. I have been in a few good restaurants but this one is in the top 5 for sure, the whole experience was just super good. Definitely a must go place when you are in St. Anton.



To spend the rest of the evening there is a nice bar area with also a place to lounge at the woodfire or just hanging at the bar to have one of the really nice cocktails. You can choose to go back to the hotel room or go out a little bit in one of the disco/bars that St. Anton has to offer.

The verdict:

Before I went to Hotel Schwarzer Adler I wasn’t expecting I would like the super luxury alpine sport life that much. I was expecting a super classic and standard hotel far away from the rest of the resort. Hotel Schwarzer Adler really changed that perspective.