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Alpienne massage treatments

Alpienne massage with steam-heated herbal pouches

A massage with steam-heated herbal pouches is one of the most effective treatment methods. It combines the beneficial effect of massage with natural herbs and relaxing heat. The warm herbal pouches are guided in circular movements across tense muscles and your energy pathways, stimulating your metabolism, purifying the body, alleviating tension and cleansing the skin with their high quality essential oils.

  • 50 indulgent minutes € 67

Alpienne anti-stress head massage

Relax and let go. Alleviates tension in your neck and in your entire head area.

  • 25 indulgent minutes € 31

Alpienne Harmony herbal foot bath

Herbal foot bath with foot massage and a relaxing massage using St John’s Wort oil.

  • Approx. 50 indulgent minutes € 61

Foot reflexology massage with exfoliation

The zones on the soles of your feet are the best tool for helping and healing your body. Get to know your body better, little by little. Includes foot exfoliation treatment.

  • Approx. 50 indulgent minutes € 61

Alpienne Relax & Harmony

  • Herbal foot bath and foot massage using St. John’s Wort cream
  • Head massage with arnica tonic preparation and face massage with nourishing St. John’s Wort, chamomile and honey cream
  • Relaxing massage with St. John’s Wort massage milk and steam-heated herbal pouches
  • Time to relax afterwards
  • Approx. 85 indulgent minutes € 98