Adler Vital – Beauty & Massage

Treat your mind, body and soul to a variety of spa treatments to awaken your spirits. Come in with a desire to relax and float away in pure bliss. We provide the most luxurious treatments to fulfil your pampering needs, from invigorating massages and baths to rejuvenating facials, from haybath to Ayurveda. Welcome to the Adler Vital!


Our relax and beauty offers

Alpienne massages

You will find new vitality and harmony with the Alpienne spoiling programme. The reason for the exceptional quality of Alpienne products is that only resources from controlled wild harvesting are used for their production. Gently dried with the power of the sun and processed with traditional methods.

  • Austrian pine vital massage

    A harmonious combination of various massage techniques and hot Austrian pine rods, worry stones and Austrian pine massage milk provides for inner tranquillity and relaxation. The heat of the Austrian pine rods and the Austrian pine massage milk goes deeply into the muscle layer and improves circulation in the entire body, stimulates the energy flow and loosens both tensions and blockades. An efficient and healthy method which also activates self-healing powers.

    • Approx. 50 indulgent minutes € 78
    • Approx. 80 indulgent minutes € 112
  • Natural salt scrub with foot reflex zone massage

    Alpienne natural salt scrub with foot reflex zone massage. The scrub gently prepares the foot tissue for the massage. This massage technique leads to intense circulation and activates vitality and
    regenerative power.

    • Approx. 50 indulgent minutes € 63
  • Alpienne anti-stress head & neck massage

    Switch off and let go. Alleviate tension in your neck and in your entire head area.

    • Approx. 25 indulgent minutes € 33
  • Alpienne Relax & Harmony

    • Herbal foot bath and foot massage
    with St. John’s wort lotion
    • Relaxing massage with St. John‘s wort
    milk through steam-heated herbal stamps
    • Head massage with arnica tonic
    • Facial massage with honey nurturing lotion
    • Resting period

    • Approx. 85 indulgent minutes € 108
  • Herbal stamp massage

    The herbal stamp massage combines a pleasant effect with natural herbs and relaxing heat. The herbal stamps are applied on tense muscles and along the energy pathways in circular movements.
    Metabolism is stimulated, waste agents are removed and tensions are loosened.

    • 50 indulgent minutes € 72




Wellness massages

  • Scented oil massage

    Individually selected scented oils are massaged into your skin. Enjoy the heavenly scents of the precious oils.

    • 50 luxurious minutes € 64
  • La Stone Massage

    Therapy and harmonising massage – you will experience deep relaxation with gentle massaging movements and nurturing oil combined with hot basalt stones and cooled granite stones. The body‘s energy centres are stimulated and blockades are removed. The interaction of hot and cold stones stimulates circulation, having an impact on even the deepest tissue layers. Detoxifying, purifying and relaxing effect.

    • 75 indulgent minutes € 88
  • Ear candle treatment

    The ear candle is a cure used by indigenous people and reduces headache, tinnitus and stress in a gentle way. It leads to relief in the entire head area.

    • 25 luxurious minutes € 35

La Stone Massage - Adler Spa im Schwarzen Adler




Full body scrubs

Let your body breathe freely again and feel like a new person. The skin is efficiently freed of dead skin flakes and impurities and, at the same time, is cleared, soothed and strengthened.


Scrubs, body packs and baths altogether with precious, nurturing products supportyour skin and its natural function and beauty. An experience with all senses!

  • Adler Vital scrub massage

    The honey scrub gently and carefully frees your skin of dead skin flakes. The following massage leads to deep relaxation, recreative regeneration and increased concentration.

    • 85 luxurious minutes € 88
  • Adler Vital birch & juniper purification pack

    The treatment starts with a firming rock salt-biopir & St. John’s wort scrub. As a result, your skin is freed of impurities in a gentle way. The purifying pack helps your skin get rid of harmful substances in the long term, increases the skin’s elasticity, provides your tissue with minerals, and stimulates the detoxification process.

    • 50 luxurious minutes € 72
  • Adler Vital scrub bath

    The honey scrub at the beginning has an antibacterial and moistening effect on your skin, the Austrian pine oils in the bath regenerate the body and the vegetative nervous system.

    • 50 luxurious minutes € 68


Classic massages

The massaging, kneading and stroking techniques of the classic massage stimulate circulation in skin and muscles, loosen tensions and blockades, accelerate the regeneration process and promotes relaxation.

  • Lymphatic drainage

    We recommend manual lymphatic drainage after DR. VODDER in case of congestions in the tissue such as overstrained legs and oedemas, as well as after injuries and surgery. Purification and detoxification as well as stimulation of the immune system.

    • 25 luxurious minutes (face, neck and décolleté) € 35
    • 50 luxurious minutes (legs) € 35
    • 80 luxurious minutes (full body massage) € 35
  • Foot reflexology massage

    Your entire body is reflected in your feet. They relate to your organs through nerve tracts. A segmental reflex massage has a direct impact on disorders, stimulates the body‘s self-healing powers and removes blockades.

    • 25 luxurious minutes € 37
    • 45 luxurious minutes € 52
  • Classic massages

    The characteristic kneading and stroking in the “classic massage” has also traditionally been called “Swedish massage”. This type of massage is a manual form of manipulation of your skin and muscles. We use “Swedish massage” particularly for disorders of the musculoskeletal system, as part of the healing process and for relaxation.

      • Full body massage, 50 luxurious minutes € 62
      • Partial massage, 25 luxurious minutes € 39
      • Sports massage with Tirolean shale oil, 40 luxurious minutes € 58
      • Massage mix (back, foot reflex)  50 luxurious minutes € 67
      • Children (6 – 12 years old) partial massage, 20 luxurious minutes € 29

    Our therapists will gladly advise you of massage treatments based on your individual needs.




These treatments are carried out using 100% natural products.

  • Combi Massage – Garshan and Abhyanga

    The dry massage stimulates the circulation of your skin, purifies it and prepares it for the oil massage which nurtures both skin and tissue.

    • 110 luxurious minutes € 150
  • Samvahana – Dance of beauty

    The Samvahana massage is like a soft wind from The Arabian Nights. Precious oils, applied on gentle scrubbers, soft brushes and gemstone balls, have a stimulating and regenerating effect on the skin’s finest receptors.

    • 80 luxurious minutes € 105
  • Padabhyanga

    Your feet carry you your entire life. The ayurvedic leg and foot massage has a relaxing and balancing effect.

    • 25 indulgent minutes € 35
  • Shirodhara

    The Shirodhara is a pleasant treatment with warm herbal oils poured over the forehead. Excellent in case of stress, insomnia, and migraine.

    • 50 indulgent minutes € 85
  • Garshan

    Garshan is a dry massage with raw silk gloves. The lymph flow is activated and water retentions are removed.

    • 25 indulgent minutes € 37
  • Mukhabhyanga

    The Ayurvedic facial massage provides for facial care and deep relaxation. The foot massage stimulates your entire body.

    • 50 indulgent minutes € 75
  • Abhyanga

    Ayurvedic full body oil massage from head to toe. Relieves painful tensions and stress, promotes sleep, purifies and nurtures both skin and tissue. Also strengthens the immune system.

    • 50 mins luxurious treatment € 85
    • 80 mins luxurious treatment (incl. face) € 115

Ayurveda im Adler Vital Spa




Floating water bed

The lovely warm water blissfully and gently gurgles beneath you. While the highly effective essences take effect on your body, you can really abandon yourself to your dreams and the gentle, slumber-inducing music …

  • The skin flatterer pack

    Surrounded by a hint of marzipan, with plum stone oil, aloe vera and vitamin E. This pack nurtures, regenerates and increases the skin‘s moisture retention capacity. Protects with antioxidants.

    • 25 luxurious minutes € 38
  • Natural moor pack warm treatment

    The effect of moor has been tested and proved for centuries and is ideal in case of musculoskeletal disorders and chronic rheumatic diseases. The moor also stimulates circulation in the gastrointestinal
    tract and reduces stress.

    • 25 indulgent minutes € 41,-
  • Fango pack

    The mud from volcanic minerals has an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect. At the same time, it promotes circulation, loosens tense muscles and relieves spinal and joint pain.

    • 25 luxurious minutes € 34
  • Bath with local mountain herbs

    The hay from our mountain pasture, consisting of grasses and meadow herbs with a high share in essential oils, has a refreshing and purifying effect and stimulates circulation. Also recommendable in case of a cold.

    • 25 luxurious minutes € 35

Hydroxeur bath

Immerse yourself in millions of the finest whirls of air and eddies. Inhale the wonderful aromas and indulge your senses. A massage experience from your neck, right down to the tips of your toes.

  • Time together

    Treat yourself to a warming-sparkling experience. A deeply cleansing and refreshing soap scrub massage on the heated stone table is followed by a warm rain shower. Afterwards, you will immerse yourself into a fragrant rose petal bath with relaxing music and a glass of prosecco as well as sweet-fruity delicacies. Finally, you will float in higher spheres on the water bed.

    • 90 indulgent minutes for 2 people € 125
  • Marigold with balm and common mallow

    Pleasant, nurturing bath for skin and body, various substances have a soothing effect and regulate moisture, a holistic wellness experience.

    • 20 indulgent minutes € 35
  • Mountain honey with Austrian pine and mullein

    This bath soothes body and mind, has a balancing effect in case of stress-related problems, both nurtures and protects the skin.

    • 20 indulgent minutes € 35
  • Nurturing skin sensation bath

    Choose between a precious milk bath, which nurtures and moistures the skin, or a tropical fragrance experience with water lily extract, which smoothens your skin.

    • 20 indulgent minutes € 35
  • Dead Sea salt bath

    The body detoxifies and deacidifies through the skin, circulation is stimulated. Ideal for skin irritations.

    • 20 luxurious minutes € 35



Facial treatments - Vitalis Team Dr. Joseph

Nature comes first for Team Dr. Joseph. Their aspiration is it to refine nature‘s active substances micro-technologically with the latest technology andunite them with traditional know-how so they become holistic products and treatments. Treat yourself to high-tech from nature – a unique, natural skin care experience!

  • Express Power Lift for Men

    Team Dr. Joseph method for men. Powerful, near-natural, efficient. The treatment includes skin diagnosis, lymph-stimulating massage, herbal steam wraps, scrub, deep cleansing, special serum, intense mask with facial massage and, finally, individual day care. Power for a dynamic and groomed look.

    • 50 luxurious minutes € 72
  • Cellular Recreation Face Treatment

    A wonderful, natural intense care, specifically adjusted to your skin‘s needs with immediate effect and deeply relaxing spoiling programme after the Team Dr. Joseph method. Including skin diagnosis, eyebrow shaping, lymphstimulating massage, herbal steam wraps, scrub, deep cleansing with cupping glasses, special serum, modulating face mask, intense mask and, finally, individual day care. With
    highly concentrated natural active substances for healthy and well-tended skin.

    • 80 luxurious minutes € 102
  • Intense Purifying Face Treatment

    Skin-specific deep cleansing after the Team Dr. Joseph method. Starting with moist warm herbal steam wraps, a gentle lymphstimulating massage, scrub, cleansing with cupping glasses and deep cleansing. followed by a peel off mask and the skin-specific day care. For vital, even and juvenile skin.

    • 50 luxurious minutes € 72
  • Intense Care for your eyes

    Moisture is infiltrated in the skin during a gentle massage, with wrinkles being reduced. The following mask decongests the tissue and relaxes the entire eye area.

    • 25 luxurious minutes € 32
  • Advanced Bio Lifting Face Treatment

    The holistic maximum programme after the method of Team Dr. Joseph: intense treatment and biodynamic lifting massage according to your skin‘s needs. Experience a truly unique beauty treatment with skin diagnosis, eyebrow shaping, lymph-stimulating massage, herbal steam wraps, scrub, deep cleansing with cupping glasses, special serum, bioenergetic blossom stamp lifting massage, intense
    mask and, finally, individual day care for a smooth, relaxed and radiating complexion. Nature‘s high-tech with sustainable effect.

    • 110 luxurious minutes € 134




Cosmetic treatments

  • Adler vitality day for men

    Special facial treatment for men
    Hay bath
    Foot reflex zone massage
    Spa pedicure

    • Treatment lasts for 210 mins  € 180


  • Adler vitality day for ladies

    Special face treatment
    Spa manicure
    Body exfoliation
    La Stone Massage

    • Treatment lasts for 240 mins € 190
  • Beautiful moments

    Eyelash dyeing € 15
    Eyebrow dyeing  10
    Eyelash and eyebrow dyeing  20
    Eyebrow shaping  9

  • Hair removal with warm wax

    Upper lip € 12
    Chin € 14
    Lower legs € 32
    Full leg € 47
    Bikini zone € 25
    Armpits € 18
    Arms € 32
    Back €42
    Eyebrows €12

  • Manicures & Pedicures

    Classic manicure € 35
    Classic pedicure € 42
    Colour varnish € 5
    Spa manicure: hand exfoliation, massage, nail shape, pack, callus removal € 42
    Spa pedicure: foot exfoliation, massage, nail shape, pack, callus removal € 49