Adler Vital – Beauty & Massage

Treat your mind, body and soul to a variety of spa treatments to awaken your spirits. Come in with a desire to relax and float away in pure bliss. We provide the most luxurious treatments to fulfil your pampering needs, from invigorating massages and baths to rejuvenating facials, from haybath to Ayurveda. Welcome to the Adler Vital!


Our relax and beauty offers

Romantik Bad im Adler Vitall

Spa Rituals

Let us whisk you away and experience the inner calm and relaxing power of the Orient. Come with us on a pleasure-filled voyage of discovery, characterised by the scents and traditions of a variety of regions.

  • Indocéane body ritual

    A deeply relaxing way to replenish your energy stores. An oriental, sweet and aromatic exfoliation treatment for soft and smooth skin, by way of preparation for the creamy delicate milk bath afterwards. This is then followed by a massage according to Indian traditions, which is based on meridian energy flow. After this you are indulged with a body pack featuring the fantastic aromas of lily of the valley, iris and jasmine.

    • 115 indulgent minutes € 130
  • Indian exfoliation massage

    A gentle exfoliation using Mediterranean ingredients which cleanses your skin in a particularly gentle manner. During the Indian massage which follows your body, spirit and soul will fall into a deeply relaxed state.

    • 85 indulgent minutes € 88
  • Romantic bath – a speciality of the hotel

    Treat yourself to a warm and tingly experience together with your partner. This treatment starts with a deeply cleansing, refreshing soap massage on the heated stone table, followed by a hot shower. You then immerse yourself in a fragrant rose petal bath with some relaxing music, a glass of Prosecco and a sweet-fruity treat. To finish, you recline on the water bed, with the feeling that you are on a higher sphere …

    • 90 indulgent minutes for 2 people € 102
    • 50 indulgent minutes, individual treatment € 67

La Stone Massage - Adler Spa im Schwarzen Adler

Wellness massages

  • Alpienne massage treatments

    Alpienne massage with steam-heated herbal pouches

    A massage with steam-heated herbal pouches is one of the most effective treatment methods. It combines the beneficial effect of massage with natural herbs and relaxing heat. The warm herbal pouches are guided in circular movements across tense muscles and your energy pathways, stimulating your metabolism, purifying the body, alleviating tension and cleansing the skin with their high quality essential oils.

    • 50 indulgent minutes € 67

    Alpienne anti-stress head massage

    Relax and let go. Alleviates tension in your neck and in your entire head area.

    • 25 indulgent minutes € 31

    Alpienne Harmony herbal foot bath

    Herbal foot bath with foot massage and a relaxing massage using St John’s Wort oil.

    • Approx. 50 indulgent minutes € 61

    Foot reflexology massage with exfoliation

    The zones on the soles of your feet are the best tool for helping and healing your body. Get to know your body better, little by little. Includes foot exfoliation treatment.

    • Approx. 50 indulgent minutes € 61

    Alpienne Relax & Harmony

    • Herbal foot bath and foot massage using St. John’s Wort cream
    • Head massage with arnica tonic preparation and face massage with nourishing St. John’s Wort, chamomile and honey cream
    • Relaxing massage with St. John’s Wort massage milk and steam-heated herbal pouches
    • Time to relax afterwards
    • Approx. 85 indulgent minutes € 98
  • La Stone Massage

    Therapy and harmonious massage –
    Experience profound relaxation, with gently massaging movements and nourishing oils, combined with hot basalt stone and cooled granite stone. Your body’s energy vortexes are stimulated and any blockades are released.

    • 75 indulgent minutes € 88
  • Ear candle treatment

    Ear candle therapy is a traditional healing method for gently alleviating headache, tinnitus and stress. It has a liberating effect on your head, sinuses and ears.

    • 25 luxurious minutes € 35
  • Foot reflexology massage

    Your whole body is reflected in your feet; they are connected via neural pathways with your organs, such as your heart, liver, kidneys and your digestive tract. Disorders can be treated by massaging the foot reflex zones, much like acupressure. Your body’s own powers of self-healing are stimulated, tensions are loosened, blockades are worked out and any energy imbalances evened out.

    • 25 luxurious minutes € 37
    • 45 luxurious minutes € 50
  • Classic massage

    The characteristic kneading and stroking in the “classic massage” has also traditionally been called “Swedish massage”. This type of massage is a manual form of manipulation of your skin and muscles. We use “Swedish massage” particularly for disorders of the musculoskeletal system, as part of the healing process and for relaxation.

      • Full body massage, 50 luxurious minutes € 60
      • Aromatherapy oil full body massage, 50 luxurious minutes € 64
      • Partial massage, 25 luxurious minutes € 37
      • Sports massage with Tirolean shale oil, 25 luxurious minutes € 49
      • Massage mix (back, legs, foot reflex,  50 luxurious minutes € 65
      • Well-being massage with grapeseed oil,  50 luxurious minutes € 60
      • Children (6 – 12 years old) partial massage, 20 luxurious minutes € 29

    Our therapists will gladly advise you of massage treatments based on your individual needs.

Ayurveda im Adler Vital Spa


These treatments are carried out using 100% natural products.

  • Padabhyanga – foot massage

    Your feet carry you all through your life. This Ayurvedic leg massage is very calming and balancing; alleviating for headaches, sleep disturbances, chills and nervousness. The Padabhyanga extends right above your knee joint. Your legs and feet are in for a treat with a special kind of manipulation using warm sesame oil.

    20 indulgent minutes € 32

  • Shirodhara

    This regal treatment is the most intense of the Ayurveda treatments. A continuous stream of warm oil is poured over your forehead. According to Ayurvedic perceptions, this has a calming effect on your entire nervous system, is harmonising and balancing.

    • 50 indulgent minutes € 80
  • Garshan

    The Garshan massage is an Ayurvedic dry massage which is done using a silk glove. This silk glove has an exfoliating effect. Your skin is smoothed, cleansed of dead skin cells and your tissues are tightened. Lymph flow is also activated through massage, which stimulates your circulation and metabolism. A Garshan massage is especially recommended for cellulite.

    • 25 indulgent minutes € 35
  • Mukhabhyanga

    This Ayurvedic facial massage nourishes your face and is deeply relaxing. An aromatic facial oil is chosen to indulge your senses. Your whole body is invigorated with a foot massage.
    Ayurvedic full body oil massage

    • 50 indulgent minutes € 70
  • Short Abhyanga

    An abbreviated form of the long Abhyanga; your whole body is massaged with warm oils using long strokes, from your head and face to your feet.
    Ayurvedic full body oil massage

    • 50 indulgent minutes € 80
  • Long Abhyanga

    Ayurvedic full body oil massage

    Your whole body is massaged with warm oils using long strokes, from your head and face to your feet. This alleviates painful tension and stress, promotes sleep, cleanses and nourishes the skin and tissues, strengthens the immune system and rejuvenates the whole body.

    • 80 mins luxurious treatment € 110


floatation bed

The lovely warm water blissfully and gently gurgles beneath you. While the highly effective essences take effect on your body, you can really abandon yourself to your dreams and the gentle, slumber-inducing music …

  • Grape therapy

    A very effective, considerably exfoliating fruit acid treatment. Dead skin cells are removed to reveal fresh, moisturised skin which is tightened and has a wonderful structure. The treatment is followed by a grapeseed pack. Recommended for dry, sensitive and mature skin.

    •  55 indulgent minutes € 70

    To follow we recommend a

    • Well-being massage using grapeseed oil. Package: 110 indulgent minutes € 122
  • Natural moor mud pack – warm treatment

    A natural moor mud pack, applied to your whole body provides your skin with the valuable active ingredients found in moor mud. This warm treatment is ideal as a supplementary treatment for disorders in your musculoskeletal system and for chronic rheumatic complaints. It also promotes the circulation to your gastrointestinal tract and is great for stress relief.

    • 25 indulgent minutes € 39,-
  • Alpienne sports and health pack

    Exercise your way to fitness – look after your muscles and joints.
    Harmonised ingredients from natural products can promote suppleness in tired muscles and are great for alleviating tension. This provides your body with renewed vigour and energy.

    • 25 indulgent minutes € 34
  • Evening primrose – goat’s butter bath

    A special treat for your skin; intensely moisturising, very nourishing; leaves your skin feeling wonderfully soft. Evening primrose has a healing effect on your skin and is used for neurodermatitis and other skin conditions.

    • 25 indulgent minutes € 36
  • Fango pack – for your back

    The mud from volcanic minerals has an antibacterial effect and is anti-inflammatory. It also stimulates your circulation without straining your blood flow. The pack eases tensed muscles and alleviates pain in the spine and joints.

    • 25 luxurious minutes € 32
  • Algae body pack

    A natural way to stimulate your metabolism. Feel the power of the sea on your skin. Freshly blended algae in its purest form tackle areas of fluid retention and fat deposits. Your body is regenerated and you feel invigorated and renewed.

    • 55 luxurious minutes without exfoliation € 68
    • 25 luxurious minutes without exfoliation € 37
  • St. Anton hay flower and mountain herb bath

    The hay from our Alpine pasture, which comprises grasses and meadow herbs which have a high proportion of essential oils, is invigorating and very detoxifying, and at the same time exerts a mild circulatory strain.

    • 25 luxurious minutes € 35

Hydroxeur bath

Immerse yourself in millions of the finest whirls of air and eddies. Inhale the wonderful aromas and indulge your senses. A massage experience from your neck, right down to the tips of your toes.

  • Alpienne marigold bath salts

    Alpienne bath salts provide minerals, stimulate skin circulation, improve the metabolism and increase your skin’s ability to hydrate. Marigold salt is disinfecting and beneficial for problem skin and for itching.

    • 20 indulgent minutes € 32
  • Alpienne honey-Swiss pine bath

    A soothing extract from wild growing mountain herbs, alcohol and spring water, which, along with the scent of sunny mountain pastures, also invigorates your senses. The blend of herbs lightly stimulates your circulation.

    • 20 indulgent minutes € 32
  • Goat milk bath

    Enjoy a nourishing and relaxing bath experience. The bath supplies important minerals and vitamins while rehydrating the Skin.


    • 20 indulgent minutes € 35
  • Blue laguna bath – tropical fragrances

    Experience a tropical aroma which almost makes you feel like you are in the middle of a blue lagoon. A nourishing maritime complex of water lily extract, essential oils and vitamins provides suppleness and ensures a sense of well-being.

    • 20 indulgent minutes € 32
  • Algae bath – Detoxifying

    Trace elements and amino acids stimulate your metabolism, purify, moisturise, relax and mineralise. After this bath you will feel great all-over.

    • 20 indulgent minutes € 32
  • Sea salt bath – re-vitalising

    While you relax the rich sea-salt algae bath stimulates your body’s functions, mineralises your skin, removes fluid retention and tightens your tissue.

    • 20 luxurious minutes € 32
  • Alpienne exfoliation bath

    The exfoliation has a slightly anti-bacterial, smoothing and moisturising effect thanks to the contents of the honey. Swiss pine oils regenerate your body and vegetative nervous system and are excellent for muscle spasms. The treatment concludes with a nourishing honey cream.

    • 50 luxurious minutes € 65

Beauty und Kosmetik im Adler Vital

Thalasso facial treatment for ladies

  • Luxuriant anti-ageing treatment

    This is the absolute highlight in anti-ageing treatments. Naturally derived hormones made from algae promote cell regeneration, reduce deep wrinkles and prevent the formation of new wrinkles. Your skin is more radiant and is visibly smoothed.

    • 85 indulgent minutes € 118
  • Tightening treatment

    A tailored treatment for perfect contours. Even after the first application, the structure of your skin is improved. It provides a refreshing, firming and tightening effect, almost as if you have been lifted from the inside. To finish, an intensely tightening gel mask preserves your modelled contours.

    • 85 luxurious minutes € 98
  • Cooling anti-stress treatment

    A calming and cooling anti-stress treatment, based on ultrasoft, white clay and wonderfully cooling milk. The immediate cooling effect, which reduces swellings, leaves you with a fresh, radiant complexion.

    • 85 indulgent minutes € 95
  • Source Deepsea Marine treatment

    A walk along the beach for your dehydrated skin. Feel and enjoy the freshness on your skin. Maritime nectar combined with additional valuable active ingredients helps make your skin feel noticeably fresher and well nourished.

    • 85 luxurious minutes € 93
  • Luxurious treatment

    Fancy a blast of freshness? Then treat yourself to this short treatment. The products and the treatment are individually tailored to your skin type.

    • 55 luxurious minutes € 63

Facial treatments for men

Men are handsome by nature - that goes without saying! Yet they too feel the signs of ageing. Men’s skin is thicker than women’s and is affected by daily shaving, which is why it needs special care.

  • Ocean care

    In this treatment Bleue Vitale algae revitalises your skin, using the energy from blue and green algae. Its anti-ageing properties promote cell renewal.

    • 75 indulgent minutes € 88
  • Base treatment for men

    Nourished male skin just looks better. After a thorough cleanse, including exfoliation, we indulge you with a face, head and neck massage. The treatment is finished with a cream mask.

    • 55 indulgent minutes € 65

Eye treatments

For beautiful, eye-twinkling moments …

  • “Deluxe” eye treatment

    Cold masks with moisturising active ingredients from the sea and from plants provide invigoration for your eyes. Lymph drainage afterwards ensures the requisite removal of excess fluid accumulations. Ideal for tired eyes and small wrinkles.

    • 35 luxurious minutes € 38
  • “Klassika” eye treatment

    Let your eyes sparkle. A gentle eyebath, followed by an eye massage, cleanses the eyes and alleviates small lines. Afterwards mask pads with wheat proteins and mucopolysaccharides provide regeneration; they shape and tighten the skin and provide moisturization.

    • 25 indulgent minutes € 33


Cosmetic treatments

  • Adler vitality day for men
    • Special face treatment for men
    • Hay bath
    • Foot reflexology massage
    • Spa pedicure

    Treatment lasts for approx. 3 1/2 hours. Special price € 180


  • Adler vitality day for ladies
    • Special face treatment
    • Spa manicure
    • Body exfoliation
    • La Stone Massage

    Treatment lasts for approx. 4 hours. Special price € 190

  • Hot wax hair removal
    • Upper lip € 12
    • Chin € 14
    • Lower legs € 32
    • Full leg € 47
    • Bikini zone € 25
    • Armpits € 18
    • Arms € 32
    • Back €42
    • Eyebrows €12
  • Manicures & Pedicures
    • Classic manicure € 35
    • Classic pedicure € 41
    • Colour varnish € 5
    • Spa manicure: hand exfoliation, massage, nail shape, pack € 42
    • Spa pedicure: foot exfoliation, massage, nail shape, pack € 47
  • Face
    • Eyelash tint € 15
    • Eyebrow tint € 10
    • Eyelash and eyebrow tint € 20
    • Eyebrow shape € 9
    • Day make-up € 15
    • Evening make-up € 20