Hotel Schwarzer Adler

Hotel Schwarzer Adler3 summer day in the Alps

3 summer day in the Alps

by Martina Bisaz – Photographer and travel blogger – @kitkat_ch –


In August, I had the pleasure of getting to know St. Anton in summer. I had already discovered a part of the huge skiing area for one day in winter and I had been thrilled. Summer was equally great. As far as I’m concerned, I prefer summer because I’m not that good at skiing. St. Anton and its surroundings have plenty to offer in summer: numerous opportunities to go hiking, mountain biking or e-biking and climbing.

For three days, I stayed at Hotel Schwarzer Adler and enjoyed its outdoor activities, wellness and spa area as well as its culinary delights.

Hotel Schwarzer Adler is in the centre of the village, situated directly at the beginning of the pedestrian area and only a few minutes’ walk away from the cable car. Couldn’t be better, could it?



Arrival, culinary delights

I arrived in the late afternoon and was immediately received with a friendly welcome from the reception staff who also showed me the most important places in the hotel. I felt comfortable immediately. The hotel is not too rustic-style but not too modern either. It’s a great mixture of both and thus very comfortable. Also, the hotel has been family-owned for many generations and as a result, the entire atmosphere is very domestic.

I rested a bit after my arrival and before going to dinner. However, I was very hungry and thus looking forward to the meal. Usually, I try to be vegan but when I saw the spätzle gratinated with cheese and onions on the menu I had to have them. So, I decided to make an exception to the rule and it was simply delicious. I loved the entire dinner, from A to Z. The next two evenings, however, I ordered vegan meals; they were incredibly creative and delicious, too. I was thrilled!



Valluga, Lake Verwall, and a massage

The next morning, I left for the Galzigbahn cable car and then changed halfway into Vallugabahn cable car toward Valluga crest. When I arrived at the top, I took another very small cable car up to the Valluga summit which provides you with a magnificent view of the adjacent alpine world. I spent one or two hours at Valluga mountain before taking the cable car back down into the valley where I took the bus to Lake Verwall, a small turquoise-coloured reservoir which is just perfect for a family outing. There is a completely new, generous playground at the lake where children can play.

Back to the hotel, I let myself get spoiled with a massage. I chose the alpine herb stamp massage from a great selection of various massages and wellness programmes. 85 minutes of pure relaxation. The massage was so relaxing that I might have even drifted off once.



E-bike tour to the Darmstädter mountain hut

On the second day, I opted for an afternoon e-bike tour with Alime. In summer, Alime offers hiking and e-bike tours. I got to choose where to go. As I had already seen beautiful photos of Lake Kartell I knew that’s where I wanted to go! So, we got going and it was simply awesome to ride an e-bike, particularly in this wonderful alpine landscape! The e-bike was the perfect solution for me since I’m not that athletic J. So, I’m an e-bike fan now, totally.

I wasn’t disappointed at Lake Kartell, either. It was wonderful! The water’s colour is unique and it invites to take a refreshing dive into the lake. It was a bit too cold for me, however, Alime dove right into the water for me so I could take a picture. She’s simply the best. Since riding the e-bike was so much fun, we continued to the Darmstädter mountain hut which is located at an altitude of 2,384 metres and is the starting point for various tours. Alime told me that the hut served the best dumplings ever. After a small snack, we headed back and ended the evening with a drink at the bar of Hotel Schwarzer Adler. What a wonderful day! I’d like to recommend you doing a tour with Alime. You will see how easy it is to go to Lake Kartell on an e-bike.



Spa time, departure

I decided to try out the spa area on my last day. The outdoor pool with a view of St. Anton and the mountains is heated and open until late evening.

I really loved the sauna and steam bath areas. I was totally alone and thus able to enjoy it to the fullest.

Unfortunately, I had to leave in the evening. I still miss the friendly people and the delicious food at Hotel Schwarzer Adler! And I’m already looking forward to the next time. Thank you so much, dear Tschol family, for those wonderful days.