“Home” is not only a word. It is something you feel deep inside. For four and a half centuries, people from all over the world have come here to stay at Hotel Schwarzer Adler. Our genuine cordiality and the breath-taking alpine world revive spirits. To enter our hotel means to come home. Our cosy interior design means love at first sight. And our SPA provides for heavenly relaxation. AdlerMoments which should last forever!

Hospitality since 1570.

The home of hospitality

Built by the Knights of St. John, the typical Tyrolean inn “Zum schwarzen Adler” soon became a stopover place for travellers and merchants on their arduous journey over the Arlberg. Hospitality is our hotel’s origin, so to say. And every generation has expanded the house and adapted it to the respective time. Today, Hotel Schwarzer Adler is a place for socialising where people enjoy the bright side of life. Our hotel looks back on 540 years of uninterrupted tradition of hospitality.

In the heart of the city centre

Directly at the Arlberg

Vinzenz Tschol with a vision

A house with a colourful past                    

The unique frescoes on the facade are witnesses of a colourful past. In 1555, the house was built with stones from the ruin of castle Arlen where once Heinrich Findelkind had been living. From 1570, the house was a stopover place for merchants and travellers and was given the “real innkeeper’s licence”, the liquor licence at that time, by Empress Maria Theresia.  Later on, the inn served as accommodation for tunnel workers. Vinzenz Tschol bought the house on 4 May 1885 and ran it with prudence and vision for many years.

We look forward to Adler Moments full of
enthusiasm, passion and hospitality.
It is part of our family heritage.

The Adler Moment that should never end.