charging station

You prefer to travel environmentally friendly with your electric car? With our two charging stations (each with 11kW) you can comforably charge 100% eco-friendly hydropower from the Arlberg. The current price is 

€ 0,60 per kWh

The registration and payment is possible in the following ways:


With our provider E-Flux you can charge without an separate charging card. Simply scan the QR-code that is mounted on the station directly. 

Load Cards

It is possible to use your own card, just present the card direclty at the card reader of the station. The following providers are possible :

Allego - Bluecorner - Charge IT - Digital Charging Solutions - EnBW - Ecotap - Eneco - EVBOX - Fastned - Flow Charging - Greenflux/Joulz - Ionity - Justplugin - Ladenetz - Last mile solutions - MKB fuel - Mobility+ - Moobi - MultiTankcard - Shell Recharge / Newmotion - Porsche - Q8 - Service House - Trafineo - Travelcard - Vandebron - Vattenfall – XXIMO

Please note, that providers may charge additional fees and the accepted cards may vary, so please contact us for any questions.

Not working? Don't worry!

We drive electric ourselves and know, that charging your electric vehicle can be an adventure. But don't worry, even  if the two possibilities shown do not work, we are happy to assist so that you can continue your journey.