Our responsibility

The Schwarzer Adler is a place with great history. Since more than 400 years, we are able to welcome guests from all over the world in our beautiful mountain village. It is our responsability, to take care of our environment and to preserve our beautiful home for the next generations. Our ancests set the example: they reused old bricks and rocks from the castle "Arlen" for the construction to build our main hotel building back in the year 1570.

100% electricity from hydropower

Since 1921, St. Anton am Arlberg uses hydropower to produce the electricity for our village. In his role as mayor, our grandfather Karl Tschol was one of the masterminds to develop and build the reservoir Verwall. Thanks to his vision, it possible for us, to use 100% of our electricity from the hydropower produced in our surrounding mountains . Today, the 3 generating stations Moosbach, Rosanna, and Kartell produce around 52 GWh electricity per year.

Heat from wood

Since 2020, we do not only get our electricity from renewable sources, but also 100% of the energy for our heating system and our hot water production. The heat plant, located at the entrance of St. Anton am Arlberg, uses only biomass in the form of wood chips sourced locally in the region. With this alternative, we save approx. 100'000 liters of oil each year. The whole village saves around 1'500'000 liters of oil per year which means a reduction approx. 4'580 tons of CO2 emissions.

Naturally clean!

Cleanliness and hygienics are the prerequisite for your perfect holiday. Even better, that we use only sustainable products from our supplier Hollu. Hollu-eco is based on natural recourses and certified with the Austrian and EU- eco sustainability label.

Again and again…

our glass bottles and barrels are refilled with your preferred drinks. In our restaurant and bar, for non-alcoholic drinks we only use returnable bottles – over 17.000 bottles per year - saving energy and resources. All non-returnable bottles are separated so that that glass becomes glass again.

... and again

Also the paper is living its second live in our hotel. Our menus, the hotel information and much more are printed on 100% recycled paper, so that no tree must die.

Also, we try to find (digital) alternatives to the printed versions. With our online portal Pressreader, for example, you can choose between over 1000 newspapers and brochures online during your stay with us.

Short journeys

Our employees are locals or they are living in one of our staff rooms nearby the hotel. So long distance drives to work –  no chance!

Also for our guests the climate neutral arrival to St. Anton is easy. We are directly connected to the railway line. St. Anton is also a stop for all major trains.

You are already travelling electric? At our e-charge station you can refuel your car with electricity produced 100% from the hydropower generating stations in St. Anton am Arlberg.

Local partners

Stephan Dialer, our executive chef,creates every day delicious food for our guests every day. We work with our long-term partners to ensure that only we receive only high quality products and where possible, products that come from the region. Furthermore, certificates (like Fairtrade, bio and quality seals) help us to provide you with food, that taste perfect and also meet our high expectations. 

OLD Walls & the latest technique

Even though the walls of our hotel are older than 400 years, nothing is the same on the inside. Today, we use the latest techniques for energy saving, heat recovery & management as well as heat insulation.

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